About Skyglass

About Skyglass

Hello! My name is Ryan Burgoyne, and I’m the founder of Skyglass.

When I was a kid, my dad gave me an animation app for our family computer. I spent hours crafting hand-drawn sequences and delighted in showing them to my friends and family.

Later, as a volunteer teacher among the Cambodian community in Long Beach, California, I often reflected on how we try and fail to communicate complex ideas using only words. I saw for myself the power of film as a medium. Truly, a picture is worth a thousand words, and a motion picture many times more! I started to dream up ways to use Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality to make visual storytelling more accessible.

My passion for VR and AR led me to Apple, where I worked for six years. I was a senior engineer on the team that built Reality Composer, a tool to make it easy for developers to build AR apps.

After leaving Apple, I founded Skyglass in November 2021. Skyglass aims to help creative people set their stories free by making virtual production techniques, like those employed by the major studios, accessible to independent filmmakers and small studios.