How Does Skyglass Work?

Skyglass is a virtual production app that makes it easy for content creators to add visual effects (VFX) to their videos in real time.

All you need to get started with real-time VFX is an iPhone running the Skyglass app, a blue or green screen, and an internet connection (a download speed of at least 10 Mbps is recommended).

Skyglass tracks the position and orientation of your phone’s camera and streams it to Skyglass Cloud, where Unreal Engine renders a virtual environment from the camera’s perspective. Rendered frames are streamed back to your phone, where the Skyglass app composites them with your live footage.

Skyglass running on an iPhone, connected to the cloud

Skyglass includes a library of virtual environments. You can also create your own virtual environment by creating an Asset Pack and uploading it to Skyglass Cloud.

To create an Asset Pack, you use Skyglass Forge, an easy-to-use plugin for Unreal Engine. You can import 3D models you have created, or download them from the Unreal Asset Marketplace. Once you have finished laying out your virtual environment, you can package it as an Asset Pack and upload it in just a few clicks.

Skyglass can also present to external switchers and displays or live stream over the internet.

You can share the final composited video directly from the Skyglass app. If you want to fine-tune your compositing parameters, you can download the background plates and your green-screen footage separately and import them into editors like Nuke, Fusion, or After Effects.

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