Announcing Skyglass

Skyglass is a virtual production app that makes it easy for students, indie filmmakers, and small studios to add visual effects (VFX) to their shots right on set. Using the sensors built into your iPhone and cloud rendering powered by Unreal Engine, Skyglass places your shot in a photorealistic virtual environment.

Why a virtual production app?

Star Wars’ Galaxy Far, Far Away. Marvel’s Cinematic Universe. Harry Potter’s Wizarding World. Each of these is a beloved universe that lives in the minds of its creators and in the hearts of its fans. And each relies heavily on digital environments to bring its breathtaking locations to life on screen. Digital environments allow storytellers to set their stories in any location they can imagine. But swapping out physical locations for green screens poses some additional challenges, especially for individuals and small teams.

One problem that comes up when shooting in a virtual environment is the added difficulty for directors and actors when they can’t see what the film is going to look like until long after the shoot. In recent years, virtual production techniques have been developed and used in productions like Disney’s The Mandalorian. Virtual production combines camera tracking with real-time rendering so that actors and directors can see what a shot will ultimately look like, while they are still on set filming. This goes a long way toward making the use of digital environments accessible to filmmakers.

While virtual production helps bring digital environments to life for actors and directors on set, it introduces additional technical challenges to the already complex process of integrating physical and virtual worlds. The cost and complexity of VFX and virtual production has put it out of reach for all but the most well-funded teams.

Skyglass takes the virtual production technologies used by the big studios to do on-set VFX and makes them available to the rest of us. Instead of setting up expensive tracking systems and maintaining powerful rendering servers, you can take advantage of the tracking sensors built into your iPhone and real-time rendering in the cloud. Skyglass tracks the position of your camera and streams it to the cloud, where a virtual environment is rendered from the camera’s perspective and streamed back to the phone for real-time compositing.

NAB Show 2022

Would you like to see and try out Skyglass for yourself? Come visit us at NAB Show 2022 in Las Vegas, April 25–27, booth N1138. If you are interested in attending, you can get a free exhibits pass using our guest pass code: LV67893.